Serviced Accommodation Management

Serviced Accommodation Management

We haven’t been talking about our property management business that much because we’ve been very busy putting ourselves into a position whereby we believe we can tick the boxes for people struggling to find an SA management company that they are happy with.

The reason we have put a lot of work into this has been because Amanda and I have listened to the worries that people have when considering what management company to use. We’ve also heard (and witnessed) the horror stories of managers who I frankly wouldn’t let look after my garden shed.

So having listened to so many criticisms and fears in the SA market here is what the team at Clarus Manage Limited have been busy doing:

1. We’ve learned on 32 of our own SA units in northern England.

2. Between Clarus Living, Clarus Manage, SA Angels and we now are involved in excess of 200 units UK wide.

3. We got ourselves ASAP Quality Accredited in summer 2018.

4. To control operations and keep costs tight we formed and we only employ our own in-house staff.

5. To balance cost with service we formed SA Angels. SA Angels are a team managed between our UK staff and Harjot Singh who was Masters Degree educated in the UK and runs our back office in India.

6. We’ve continue to build on our property experience and are Accredited with the NLA. We’ve been landlords since 1999.

7. Revenue management, done properly, is an extremely sophisticated and critical aspect to any SA business. That is why ALL of our units are now optimised by supremo Mirelle Mounder – Brown who enables me to sleep soundly at night. International hotel businesses take this very serious, so do we.

8. We’ve spent time training our supervisors who now manage and our Health and Safety and operations are extremely robust.

9. We’ve spent a heck of a lot of time building a team that provides cover 24/7 – 365 days per year.

10. We’ve understood that not everyone wants full management. That is why Clarus Manage also offers stand alone administration, telephone services, housekeeping services, as well as full management. SA Angels and operate purely on a price basis.

11. We see where costs go on simple maintenance. We now carry out most maintenance in house which means we are fast and reasonably priced.

If you are needing an SA manager then drop me a note. We’re very proud of Clarus Manage, and SA Angels.