Jan 15, 2019


by: David Fernley


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Introduction to SA Angels

If you don’t know our business – SA Angels – then I’d like to introduce you to it.

Some time ago we realised that there was a gap in the Serviced Accommodation market for proper back office support.

As a property sourcer we had done the VA thing and it was a very chequered experience.

We had a relationship with a chap called Harjot Singh who had done our techy stuff for some time. Harjot is a partner of TechnoTronics who are based near New Delhi.

We got chatting and decided to form a new business which could administer our business, Clarus Living, but also push their expertise out to other SA operators if all went well.

All went well and our business SA Angels was formed.

Most people know Amanda and I but let me tell you a little about Harjot. Harjot was educated in the UK and holds a Masters in Mobile Communication Systems and a Bachelors in Electronic and Communications Engineering. He has a brain the size of a planet. He works as many hours as we do and is an altogether lovely fellow.

All of the other seven full time guys are fluent in the English language and too hold impressive degree level qualifications with time spent in Europe and Australia.

So what do SA Angels do…?

They implement all of Amanda Walker-Fernley’s super robust systems and are managed on a daily basis by Harjot.

The gap in the market we saw was a business that is more than a VA type hourly paid person who, pot luck, might be okay, and you would have to train….

….we wanted to provide a service to SA managers but also operators who wanted to run their (rather than employ a manager) but wanted a full admin service.

Our team is now trained, and time served, and administer a heck of a lot of units throughout the UK.

Whilst we work with sizeable UK operators, we also work with smaller and newer operators who are either overwhelmed by the systems and administration that are needed to bring money in and protect the business, and / or would just rather buy into our systems from the start.

We are a 24/7 business with various packages including just a trained telephone service.

Before we (Clarus) invented SA Angels we used a UK based telephone services who charged us through the eyes and nose and simply called us up anyway. We didn’t really see the point for forking our £thousands each year for that. So when we set this service up we wanted to do something different.

If you are interested in talking to us about SA Angels and could they be your back office then let me know.

If there is enough interest, and you fancy coming along, then we may fly Harjot over for our No BS two day event in two weeks so you can spend some time together and speak in person.

We know how critical systems, time, and control are to your business