Clarus and Zeebou

It’s been some time coming but for the past year or two Amanda has been talking systems with our friend Na’ím on his marathon journey producing something very special in the serviced accommodation and hospitality business.

More recently as things have gotten more serious our techy and admin team, headed by Harjot, has been interrogating what Na’ím and his team of developers have produced thus far. The feedback is that something really great is being produced.

Amanda and I have now decided the time is right to board Clarus Living onto Zeebou and we’re thrilled to have been asked to be Zeebou’s exclusive training partner. The synergy between our SA operating business, SA Angels, and our training business is a perfect fit and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with Na’ím.

Na’ím’s developers are targeting later summer for general release. In the meantime time both Peymans and Clarus will be working hard to test the system and make improvements where needed.

Zeebou will be coming along to our No BS Two Day Event in May in London. We’re going to be demonstrating what this system can do for our delegates.

We’re super excited to be a part of this because we believe this is the best system by a mile.