David would be happy to meet you face to face to make an offer on your house.
We are property traders and property investors with a huge network of investors, buyers, and solicitors who work with us to enable us to make all this happen. We have the ability to buy cash or to broker the deal. We aren’t held back by banks or other lending institutions who look for reasons not to help. We are expert in advanced property trading and this enables us to pull away from the traditional, slow, restrictive way of property conveyancing. We can creatively find a way to solve property problems which allow people to carry on with their lives.
We can potentially help with any situation you might have. If you have problems and are about to be repossessed then we might be able to help. Call us sooner rather than later.
Yes. Clarus has options to give you a fair price for your property and a solution to your property problems.
We specialise in buying houses quickly and are happy and able to work to your timescales. We can complete urgent deals within 7 days, but usually it would take between two to three weeks.
We would usually take a day from your call.
Yes, we have bought ex council houses.
We work with people throughout England & Wales.
Yes, many of the house we buy need some work doing to them. This is no problem.
We buy all types of property and land, and we even do business in Europe and the United States